Meg McKenzie

Managing Director, Kidz Go Ltd

Owner and managing director of Kidz Go, Meg arrived into Queenstown, New Zealand as a backpacker 33 years ago – and never left!  Working in tourism the whole time, including owning restaurants throughout the 90s, Meg realised an opportunity to provide a platform that would offer the answers to all the specific questions parents were asking.

Kidz Go was born in 2002 as a magazine and small website, covering just the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand. While the magazine still exists and is larger and more popular than ever, the website has also evolved to encompass the whole of New Zealand – a daunting but immensely satisfying and absorbing undertaking!

When I’m not at Kidz Go?  I love to be outdoors and having been raised in London, find New Zealand exciting and inspiring everyday!   Advocating for veganism and animal welfare, riding my mountain bike, climbing, skiing or tramping and discovering new corners of NZ are amongst my passions.